What is research and development?

Research and development (R&D) is when businesses gather knowledge to create new products or discover new ways to improve their existing products and services. Larger companies may have their own research and development team that will test and refine products or processes before commercial use. However, many companies outsource this work to universities due to a lack of in-house capacity and to access the expertise and advanced research equipment they possess.

Some companies invest far more in R&D than others due to the competitiveness and demands of their industry. For example, a consumer technology company is always trying to release devices that are more appealing than its competitors so will invest heavily on product design research to make their devices more innovative. 

Businesses of all sizes need to invest in research and development if they want to achieve future growth, stay abreast of developments in their industry and reduce production costs. Fortunately, Brunel University London is a world leading research institution dedicated to delivering solutions to a broad range of organisations of all sizes. We have academics from a wide range of disciplines that are bringing significant benefits to our business partners.

Benefits of research and development at Brunel University London:

  • Inexpensive way to explore new ideas and find a gap in the market
  • We can help you secure funding from the Government and the EU to develop your business whether your organisation is large or small
  • We have world class equipment, expertise and facilities to conduct research projects and are continually investing money in the latest technology
  • Working with Brunel can improve brand reputation and profile and potentially attract future investment
  • Bringing innovative products to the market could give your business a competitive advantage. 

Which research and development method is right for you? 

There are a number of services we offer, however, it is important to have an objective when selecting a specific type of research and development so you can achieve your business goals in the most efficient way possible.